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Season 29 ½ of Black Rose Theatre Company 

“Help Wanted” 

Written Lynn & Rick Tyler, Directed by Lynn Tyler 

Thursday, 10/29, 7:30 pm:

Sunday, 11/8, 2:00 pm:

“Just A Little Turbulence” 

Written and directed by Olivia Mathews 

Friday, 10/30, 7:30 pm: 

Saturday, 11/7, 2:00 pm:

“One More Nutcracker” 

Written and directed by Amile Wilson 

Saturday, 10/31, 7:30 pm: 

Thursday, 11/5, 7:30 pm:

“Life is Not a Musical” 

Written and directed by Rick Tyler 

Sunday, 11/1, 2:00 pm: 

Friday, 11/6, 7:30 pm:

Tickets are $5 per night. To purchase tickets

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  • This will take you to a login page where you can sign in to your StageIt account, or to create a StageIt account (look for “Join StageIt” in the upper right of the screen) . 
  • You will have an opportunity to purchase credits (which StageIt calls “Notes” ; 10 Notes = $1.00). Notes allow you to pay for tickets to see shows.
  • All one act tickets are 50 notes ($5).

All sales are final. No refund, no exchanges.

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