Thank you to everyone who came and auditioned!! We are looking forward to the Night of One Acts!

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Tentative Show dates are October 29th-October 31st and November 5th-8th.

Due to Covid-19 and needing to social distance, all 18 and over should come alone. Those under 18 must have a parent or guardian to sign waivers before auditioning. Everyone will need to wear a mask in the lobby. Please visit the link below to reserve your spot.

Audition Signup

Help Wanted

Writen and Directed by Lynn and Rick Tyler

SYNOPSIS: Andrew Nash wants help.  A small-town insurance agent with an expanding clientele, he hopes to hire an assistant to help him manage his business.  He will interview two enthusiastic young applicants, Jonathan and Emily, each with interesting possibilities as an employee – and perhaps encounter a surprise or two while getting to know them.

Cast (in order of appearance)

Jonathan – early 20s

Nurse – adult, any age

Andrew Nash, Insurance Agent – 40ish or older

Emily – late teens to early 20s

Just a Little Turbulence

Written and Directed by Olivia Mathews

SYNOPSIS: Twisting and turning, this murder takes place in the air. Following the mysterious death of the pilot, sending the crew into mortal danger, solving the case depends on weaving together past and present.

*JOSEPH and YOUNG JOSEPH are gender fluid depending on casting. The name will be
changed to JOAN*
JOSEPH/JOAN- Sixteen years old, a little rough around the edges, but they have a kind heart. At times can be very apprehensive because they have a hard time trusting people. They are the main character, slowly unraveling the mystery.
YOUNG JOSEPH/YOUNG JOAN- Thirteen years old, like their older counterpart, they are very soft spoken. However since they are younger, they tend to be more social and trusting. In the show, this character is a link between the past and the future and is vital for finding the killer.
ELSA (Female)- Around her mid forties, Elsa is an experienced flight attendant. She is
extremely calm and collected even in the most dire situations. In relation to Jo Anne, Elsa acts as a maternal, mentor figure, having a close relationship with her. Elsa is a key witness and suspect playing an integral part.
TIMOTHY (Male)- He is in his late thirties. Timothy is very family oriented, kind and has a witty, sharp sense of humor. Because of his unrelenting kindness, people trust him. Being the detective in charge of the case, Timothy helps Joseph/Joan crack the case.
JO ANNE (Female)- In her early twenties, Jo Anne is a feisty, yet sweet, southern belle. Stylish and young, she is out exploring the world as a budding flight attendant under the mentorship of Elsa.
WILLIAM (Male)- William is in his early thirties. Recently discharged from the military, he is flying home to his chosen family, his beloved dog. Caught in the crossfire, he is a key witness.
VICTORIA (Female)- Young, small and quite bratty, Victoria is seven. She is traveling with her mother.
LOLA (Female)- The devout mother to Victoria, Lola is twenty seven. Completely at her wits end and exhausted, she loves her daughter unconditionally, even as they bear this troubling flight home.
BETHANY (Female)- Twenty-six, Bethany is a stubborn, put together businesswoman with a strict schedule to follow.
GLENN (Male)- Late fifties, Glenn is the ignorant pilot of the plane.

One More Nutcracker

Written and Directed by Amile Wilson

SYNOPSIS: After spending her twenties as a struggling as a ballet apprentice for a famous New York dance company, Rebekah returns to her small hometown to bury her grandmother. Learning that without Grandma Garrett’s leadership, the town’s Nutcracker will not happen, Rebekah must choose between staying and preserving her grandmother’s legacy, or returning to New York and to her own path.

REBEKAH, late twenty-something small-town ballerina who made it big – or at least big enough. Privileged, generous and joyful with a soft-spot for her hometown.

BEN, Good looking late twenty-something theatre technician. The kind of kid that got into theatre in junior high to chase after the girls but fell in love with the mechanics of it. Ferociously loyal. Rebekah’s friend since childhood.

MAYOR BECK, town’s mayor for two decades. Settled into the position and not used to being told “no.” Not corrupt, but not necessarily on the up-and-up. Would rather see the theatre used for a movie house or restaurant.

MEREDITH, 40 something year old mother of two including one of the dance school children. Husband assigned to the area as an army recruiter and JROTC instructor. Desperate to preserve any cultural opportunities for her children. Junior League type.

Life is Not a Musical

Written and Directed by Rick Tyler

SYNOPSIS:  Cassie longs for the fairy tale romance she has seen in musical theatre and movies.  Lance, who has feelings for her, tries, with her best friend Terra, to convince her that life is really not like that.  Both Lance and Terra sing to the audience their arguments that people do not really break out in song in real life.  Cassie is unable to hear them singing until the very end of the show, when she joins them on the finale.

All the action takes place in a typical coffee shop.  The set will consist of a table and 3 chairs for the actors.  There will also be a coat rack which will hold the baseball cape and full sized umbrella that Lance will use for a short hat and cane dance in his first song.

Cast Requirements:

  • 1 Male (Lance), 30-something
    • Ability to dance a bonus but not necessary (will lead to comedic effect if he doesn’t dance well)
    • Ability to sing. Low: B flat below middle C; High:  high E (this can be easily pitched up if necessary)
  • 1 Female (Cassie), 30-something
    • Ability to sing. Low:  middle C; High: high F
  • 1 Female (Terra), 30-something
    • Ability to sing. Low:  middle C; High:  high F

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