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Directed by Susan Kuykendall

Celes Williams——-Peggy Sue
Rosanna Shotwell—-Jess
Vida Jo Beasley——Mother
Breckyn Creel——–Snow White
Olivia Matthews——Evil Queen
Kelsey Hairston——Lady in Waiting – Meredith, Angel Conscience, and Bat
Brooke Hairston—–Lady in Waiting – Martha, Devil Conscience, Bat
Zarah Navidi——–Lady in Waiting – Mary, Rabbit, Dwarf Villager
Finley Ezell———Lady in Waiting – Molly, Deer, Dwarf Villager
Annie Porter——–Lady in Waiting – Maureen, Skunk, Dwarf Villager
Jameson Williams—Mirror, DNR Rep
Drew Hairston——-Huntsman, Romantic Hero Prince
Sarah McGaughy—-Zip – Dwarf
Maddie Macoy——Kip – Dwarf
Mandy Robinson—-Tip – Dwarf, Combat Soldier
Stella Porter——–Pip – Dwarf
Marley Kate Price–Flip – Dwarf, Young Queen
Sarah Brumfield—Chip – Dwarf
Cara Gray———Big Mike – Dwarf
Cooper Scherer—Prince Charming, Fruit Peddler, Bear
Liam Smith——-Combat Hero Soldier Prince, Forest Tree
Summer Scott—-Romantic Hero Prince Fan Girl, Wild Pig
Tabitha Leatherman—Blue Jay, Comb Peddler
Emma Raines—–Romantic Hero Prince Fan Girl, Forest Flower
Cassie Shotwell—Romantic Hero Prince Fan Girl, Doctor
Luke Switzer—-King, Head Villager
Emma Batson—Young Snow White, Villager
Suttyn May Therrell—Snow White’s Pet Sheep, Villager
Nylah Laster——Forest Flower, Prince Charming’s Page
Natalie Scherer—Forest Tree, Combat Soldier
Gabriel Sullivan—Forest Tree, Combat Soldier
Piper Peeples—–Mouse, Prince Charming’s Page
Emilia Doty——–Fox, Ribbon Peddler

Season 2019-2020

The Rented Christmas

December 5, 7-8* & 12-15

*Due to the City of Brandon’s Christmas parade, there will NOT be a performance on Friday, December 6th. 

The Rockin’ Tale of Snow White

February 20-23 & 27-29, March 1 

The Glass Menagerie

April 16-19 & 23-26 

A Night of One Acts

June 4-7 

Lerner’s & Loewe’s Camelot

August 6-9 & 13-16 

Southern Fried Funeral

September 24-27 & October 1-4