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…Of My Dreams  written by Brent Hearn, directed by Heather Barnes

Brief synopsis:
When E.B. and Will find themselves in a lucid dream, they have no shortage of questions. As they struggle to answer them, they’re faced with the biggest question of all: Are they willing to put their faith in someone they’re not even sure is real?

Mississippi Fairytale by written by Charles Cannon, directed by Lydia Lippincott

Brief synopsis:
A young vagabond named Eddie remembers his relationship with the stoic Monica over a series of Christmas Eves – including what happens when the butterflies in their stomachs fade away.

Wise Advice written and directed by Audrey Reed

Brief synopsis:
This is a story about a little old lady who loves to pick up food at her favorite restaurant. While she is there, other customers share their life stories with her and she always seems to offer wise advice to help them solve their problems.

Kathleen and the Killer written and directed by Jonathan Dixon

Brief synopsis:
12 years after the murder of her parents, Kathleen Tridale is 19 years old and shows up on the doorstep of the family of the killer, a middle aged woman and her 18 year old son. Kathleen introduces herself, not hiding their shared background. The mother invites her in for dinner. After a tension-relieving meal, Kathleen and the son have a long talk with budding affection from shared trials. At the end, she is invited back for another visit.
During the exchange, we find out that the son has a stuffed bear that is the last good thing his father left him. Kathleen also reveals that the bear is the same one that was stolen from her house during the murders.